El Milagro Mexican Kitchen Style Tortilla Chips Sea Salt

El Milagro® Mexican Kitchen Style Sea Salt Tortilla Chips. Deliciously crunchy. Gluten free. Totopos. No: preservatives, artificial coloring, additives. All natural/gluten free. Try other el Milagro® tortilla products. Corn tortillas. Flour tortillas. Tostada shells. Taco shells. Nacho chips. Flour tortillas for burritos. "The fame is in the name and the quality is in the product". El Milagro® "real Mexican" tortilla chips... Corn tortillas are a staple in Mexico always bought fresh before every meal. Tortillas left the following day would be cut up and fried for chilaquilles or snacking. We at El Milagro use this aging technique that gives El Milagro Totopos their authentic taste and crunch. So enjoy the 100% natural tortilla chips. Dip ideas: Bean dip, sour cream or, your favorite salsa, just dip & eat. Appetizers: Spread chips with your favorite food, cream cheese, beans, avocado, sour cream or your favorite cheese or cold cut. Or place some chips in a bowl and pour melted cheese over them and top with nacho peppers if you desire. Founded 1950 Raul Lopez.