La Chona Queso Fresco

Gluten free. Good source of calcium. Authentic Mexican cheese. 12 servings per pack. rBST made with rBST free pasteurized milk. Great for crumbling. Not spicy. Facebook: lachonausa. Customer Service: 1.800.699.4115. Whatever the recipe, whatever the occasion, La Chona has the products you need to add an authentic touch to every meal. La Chona offers a wide selection of high-quality creams, cheeses and packaged meats featuring traditional flavors and premium ingredients. With La Chona Fresco Mexican Style Crumbling Cheese, you can create any number of tasty treats from enchiladas rojas de queso to nopales salad. Use it as a filling for flautas, quesadillas and taquitos or as topper for burritos, carnitas, nachos, refried beans, tacos, tamales, tostadas and so much more. La Chona Fresco Crumbling Cheese makes a great filler or garnish for any number of foods. Stuff it in peppers or tarts or crumble it on top of black bean soup, chicken chimichangas, mango salsa tostones or whatever dish you’re dreaming up. Whether you’re cooking for one or many, La Chona Fresco Crumbling Cheese is sure to please the palate and make every meal magnifico! Stock up today for all the fiestas of tomorrow.